The children grow.

And the parents glow.

“Any baby that learns to crawl is a miracle. But with my baby, the miracle was so open.”
Chava Miller

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Every hour of therapy brings light years of progress.
Segulah proudly funds

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Animal Therapy


Horticultural Therapy

The process? Simple.

The progress? Tremendous.

You put in a request for therapy sessions.

You get a doctor’s recommendation.

We create an individualized therapy plan.

We negotiate with your insurance.

Segulah funds the rest.

Your child now has full access to the latest that therapy
has to offer without the stress of paying for it.

The buck doesn’t stop at therapy, though.

Although therapy remains at the forefront, there’s a lot more
expenses for children with Cerebral Palsy:
Initial examination
Specialty consultations

It all adds up so fast. Before the parents can blink, they are drowning in bills with no way to pay them.

Segulah changes that.

From the Desk of
Dr. G. Nesanel Brenigstall 

Pediatric Neurology

A child with Cerebral Palsy needs lots of therapy.

Therapy is costly.

That is why Segulah exists.

Every child deserves to live their life in the most productive way possible.

Despite the astronomical costs involved in getting there.
Help a child with CP learn to walk.

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