A challenge became a stepping stone.

And the child with CP rejoiced.

“At that time, we were shaken. Now, we see the results and we feel blessed.”
— Rabbi and Mrs. Braitstein

The year was 1982.

It was on a cold Thursday evening that 3 tiny babies made their entrance into the world.
Triplet joy.
Two of them were given a clean bill of health.
Yoel, however, was eventually diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

It was at that moment that his parents made a fierce decision.

Tzvi and Sheindel Breitstein vouched to do whatever it took to meet little Yoel’s needs and make sure he reaches every possible milestone.

With that commitment
came hard work.

Armed with determination and fueled by sheer grit, Yoel’s parents set out to conquer their goal: To give Yoel quality of life. On his own level.
Days of research, hours of consultations, and years of unstoppable advocacy led then to a single realization: The key to helping children with CP was constant, unrelenting therapy.

With that realization came another.

The price tag involved. The cost of the necessary therapy was staggering. How would they pay for it?
How do others pay for it??

What they found was shocking.

Many, many children with CP were not getting enough therapy. Because their parents simply could not afford it. And in turn, their progress was being stalled. Precious time was being wasted.

It broke their heart.

How can we allow finances to stand in the way of such crucial services?
How could they stand idly as children failed to flourish only because therapy is so costly?

That’s when Segulah was born.

A Couple on a Mission.

Our Mission

It is Segulah’s mission that no child with CP lose an opportunity because of therapy costs. Every child deserves to grow, develop and flourish at every stage of life.

Our Funding

By funding the necessary therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy, Segulah ensures that every possible milestone is reached at the earliest time enabling the children to live productive and independent lives.

The Journey

Years after they started their journey, the Breitstein couple is proud to say that thousands of therapy sessions have been funded by Segulah and countless milestones reached. And they are far from done.

Our Services

With every passing day, more services are added and more children gain access to the tools they need to grow and thrive.

Every child deserves to live their life in the most productive way possible.

Despite the astronomical costs involved in getting there.
Help a child with CP learn to walk.

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